One thing you know very well when you have a Little One or two or four: feeling tired. Before you had kids, when you were tired, you would simply take a pajama day, take it slow for a while, maybe get in bed a little earlier. ROFL not anymore.

You forget where you put stuff, because you’re tired. You leave doors open on cupboards and lights on in rooms, because you’re tired. You boil the kettle for the fifth time because you keep forgetting why you came to the kitchen in the first place and just as you remember she cries for you again. While you finally poor some water over your tea bag, you realise why the dogs are following you everywhere…they haven’t had food yet. You forgot, because you’re tired.

Your partner comes home from work, hugs you tight and takes the Little One from you. He sits down with her, because he is tired too, little knowing that you have been bouncing her the whole afternoon because she is very fussy today. But you didn’t mention it just yet. You would in a minute. You’re just scraping together your brain to have a decent conversation. Man, you’re so tired!

She cries again. You carefully go over and kiss her with extra tenderness, because you know you’re tired. You pick her up carefully and cradle her very gently, being mindful to pour some extra love into your hug, because you know you’re tired. You count to ten a hundred times and you swallow your frustration many more times than that, because you know you’re tired. You learn to breathe through the pain and pass love over in everything you do, because you know you’re tired.

Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to be warn out. It might just make you extra mindful. Just breathe. Remember the size of the blessing you’re holding. This too shall pass.

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