So Kira started creche this week. It’s Saturday and she’s taking her first morning nap next to me, while I catch up on some blogging and social media. 3AM this morning I was sitting in my bed, propped up against some pillows, the breastfeeding pillow around my waist and Kira sleeping on it after her third feed for the night, researching when and how you get your baby onto solids. I guess I’m just wondering if she’s hungry. This thought has been violently shoved into the “needs my immediate attention” queue when the creche asked me yesterday to please send more milk to school for her. She seems hungry to them too.

My sleep deprived brain is sitting with this pearl of wisdom, mulling it over like its not sure what to do with it. On the one hand my pediatrician’s voice keep playing in my head, repeating the fact that she recommends we do not start solids before five and a half months. On the other I am certain that I’ll be up at 5AM again to feed her… I also regret reading up on introducing solids, because as it turns out, this is a highly debated and extremely sensitive topic on the internet. Moms unfriend other moms who start too soon. Not just unfollow. Unfriend, block, deny-access-to-their-child kind of disapproval.

This morning I think I have as much clarity on the situation as I’m ever going to get, running on less than two hours deep, uninterrupted sleep at a time (on a good night): my heart and head says she’s ready to try at the very least. I won’t rush it. Heaven knows we’re not nearly set up for solids yet. So I’ll start shopping for a feeding bib, some nice silicone ice trays, see what spoons they have on the market, start to plan a menu. In nine days she’ll be five months, so I’ll aim for two weekends from now.

Coffee. Yes. Just one more cup, while she’s still sleeping. I’m looking at her lying next to me and feel nothing less than absolute love and endearment. I’ll keep reminding myself that nobody knows her like hubby and I do. Just a fortnight and we’ll start a whole new journey.

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