I knew it would be hard having a little one. I even added some statistical hardness in my head for the fact that we are around 40. In my childless head, it seamed like a lot of “HARD” but I bargained on it being easier because of the love you have for said little body.

I was right. It is HARD. Said little body generates a LOT of cuteness though and along with the absolute love it makes up for the “HARD”. So for those looking to have children but waiting for the right moment…there is no “right moment”. There is no amount of saved money, no amount of spared sleep, no amount of learnt lessons. THIS surpasses all. THIS being having a little person, a minion.

Now, if you are a super villain prepared to build your own little army of evil super villains, start at 16…please. Hell hath no fury like 40. No, I am not kidding, and yes people were right when they said it’s all downhill from 30…well actually more like 35.

So exercise, eat right, stay away from alcohol, stop smoking, watch your cholesterol and insulin and jog…often. Every time I look at Kira I get a pang of do-it-right. It’s intense. I’m even considering crossfit! But really that’s because we streamed the crossfit qualifiers for the games…damn those awesome athletes!

I’m rambling. That’s something you do when you are sleep deprived. All those people who told us to sleep while we can, can go suck it, because it didn’t help. You can’t “bank” sleep…life would be easy if you could though *mental note for niche market*.

PS * I love my Little Person. I even miss her when she is at creche. I do not care for the difficulty of raising her because her little body is the most important thing in my life. I love her to the moon and back and around the moon again and I am sure that isn’t enough. I looked at her at 1:22AM this morning when she decided she slept enough and felt nothing but love. I am sure that no amount of sleep deprivation can kill this love!

* Kira, I love you!

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