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Early 2005 I married the love of my life. It was a simple wedding, but filled with so much love from friends and family. I had no doubt that we would soon welcome little feet into our relationship.

Slowly it became clear that something was wrong. After many specialist visits and diagnoses of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and endometriosis, we opted to enlist the help of fertility specialists. Our budget was tight and the first attempt was limited to timed conception. This is an extremely stressful way to try and get pregnant. The pressure on my dear husband was immense. After this failed, we took a long break, tried ovulation induction a couple of times again.

We were on our way to our 10-year anniversary and decided to go on an overseas trip to celebrate. I was doing research and getting in contact with various travel agencies. Two months before the anniversary we found out that we fell pregnant…naturally! I was over the moon! The following day I started bleeding and it just didn’t stop. Despite bed rest, many scans and prescribed medication, we lost the baby at 10 weeks. There are no words to describe that loss.

A year later we started down the road of IVF. The process naturally brought us to have to do our first confirming blood test on 24 December 2016. The confirmation of our pregnancy at this point was the biggest Christmas present we could ever have hoped for. Kira was born the follwoing August at nearly 39 weeks and very quickly became the center of attention to friends and family who have been praying for this miracle with us.

Raising this little one has taught me one thing: no amount of natural talent in parenting can prepare you for absolutely every eventuality. You need to be open to advice and criticism, as well as know that you will experience disappointment, frustration, exhaustion, elation, surprise and most of all the deepest feeling of love you have ever felt. I have not stopped learning and don’t think I ever will, as she grows and expects a different skillset from me with every developmental leap she takes.

This site is my effort at pinning most of the things I learn down, even if just for myself to remember and curate everything that gradually make me the Mom I am and will be.

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