Life is short

I turned 40 this year. Our little girl is almost 2 years old. I'm expecting our second little miracle. For much of the first part of our marriage I was aching and cramping and crying away the days for a little person of our own. Some months the pain was overwhelming. On many others it... Continue Reading →

There’s tired…

...then there's Mom-tired, and then there's pregnant-Mom-tired. I don't want to sub-divide any further. We can have endless debates about working pregnant moms, working pregnant moms raising toddlers, working pregnant moms raising difficult toddler daughters...we can literally go on for days. I believe each of us get blessed with what we can handle. So if... Continue Reading →

Family sucks sometimes

We are a new unit. We got married and that was the start of our brand new family. Then she came along and pretty soon we will start working on a sibling for her. We are our own unit now. Sharing my life with another grown-up was a learning curve, but we managed to create... Continue Reading →

No holds barred

I knew it would be hard having a little one. I even added some statistical hardness in my head for the fact that we are around 40. In my childless head, it seamed like a lot of "HARD" but I bargained on it being easier because of the love you have for said little body.... Continue Reading →

Things I would do

These last months my Little One has been struggling with teeth. She seems to be of the like that struggles with teeth yet. In the midst of this frustration of not being able to do much for her I found myself regularly daydreaming of the things I would have been doing if she was... Continue Reading →

When she’s sick

It feels like we just got the hang of this whole work-baby-parenting thing and BAM! She got sick. Man, is this rough! It had to happen eventually, so now is as good a time as any...if there can ever be a "good time" for your little one to get sick. I anticipated quite a lot... Continue Reading →

Only for now

So Kira started creche this week. It's Saturday and she's taking her first morning nap next to me, while I catch up on some blogging and social media. 3AM this morning I was sitting in my bed, propped up against some pillows, the breastfeeding pillow around my waist and Kira sleeping on it after her... Continue Reading →

Because you’re tired

One thing you know very well when you have a Little One or two or four: feeling tired. Before you had kids, when you were tired, you would simply take a pajama day, take it slow for a while, maybe get in bed a little earlier. ROFL not anymore. You forget where you put stuff,... Continue Reading →

Life changes

Of course it would. You knew it would. No matter how many books you read or how many blogs and groups you follow or how many friends and family told you HOW it would change, nothing would be able to accurately tell you how though. That you won't be prepared is not true. Pregnancy by... Continue Reading →

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